Business Signage: Three Distinctive Design Options for Your Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are essential tools for every business because they draw the attention of potential clients to the pertinent premises. These advertising products also provide crucial information to people on the services provided, promotions and even available facilities. On the other hand, signs are not homogenous, so the impact will depend on the quality of your signage. In general, there are diverse factors that you must consider before installing a new outdoor sign. One of the crucial aspects is the design; this will determine the prominence and visual appeal. Here are some of the most distinctive designs to consider for your new outdoor business sign.

Electronic Signs 

Electronic signs are an ideal alternative to traditional board alternatives because they are highly flexible. These signs are designed to display electronic data that can be changed, depending on the immediate needs. In simple terms, electronic signs are programmable, so you can change the message on the pertinent board without having to commission and print new boards or other hardware for the project. Your business will stand out because you can use different display effects for greater impact. The main drawback of electronic signs is the high cost of purchase and installation. However, you should remember that this is a one-time expense, and the sign will provide long-term service with proper maintenance.

Channel Letter Signs

The popularity of channel letter signs can be attributed to their three-dimensional contemporary appearance. Basically, this type of signage is made up of individual letters and logos which are placed against a board background. The letter faces are typically made using acrylic with vinyl trims while the sides can be fabricated using acrylic or even aluminium. The visual impact of the channel letters is great during the day because of the clean modern appearance. At night, the letters are visible because of the LED lighting included in the design. You can also choose to install individually cut letters instead of the channel alternatives. These are normally solid and can utilise unique fonts for maximum aesthetic appeal.

Backlit Signs

Backlit signage presents the low cost benefits of traditional board signs without missing out on the lighting features of modern alternatives. Usually, the face of these signs is fabricated using plastic materials such as acrylic or vinyl. The display sides are covered with the same materials or lightweight metal. In addition, a lighting fixture is installed inside the sign structure for illumination. This sign will be prominent day and night, and your expenses will still be low.