Crucial Factors When Selecting the Font for Your Custom Signs

One of the most powerful marketing strategies that you can invest in for your business is signs. Not any kind of sings, however. Instead, you should be looking into investing in custom signs so that their visual appeal can match your business. Moreover, custom signs present the opportunity to be as innovative as you want with the style and messaging of the signs so that they are distinctly associated with your company.

Nonetheless, when it comes to the designing of custom signs, some business owners overlook the importance of choosing the right font and may instead go with what is attractive to them. But it is worth noting that the wrong font will have a negative impact on the efficiency of your signs and potentially not rake in any business for you. For you to prevent this from happening, here are crucial factors to have in mind when selecting the font for your custom signs.

The readability of the font

The main reason why you would even consider signage for your business is to relay information to your target demographic regarding your products or services. Therefore, in order for you to attract new customers, they need to be capable of understanding your custom signs in the first place. If you select a font that is hard to comprehend in a passing glance, it is likely that you will miss new clients since they will simply overlook your signs.

So how do you make the font more legible? Firstly, you should opt for a contrasting background colour to highlight the font automatically. Secondly, choose an easy-to-read, distinct font instead of a font that can easily fuse the letters into each other, such as cursive.

How the font reflects your brand

Brand reflection is a factor that a good number of business owners overlook since they do think as long as their font looks good, it will do the job. However, what these people are not taking into consideration is how their target demographic will associate that font with their business. For instance, if your business is supposed to elicit the feeling of trust, such as a bank or a hospital, then it will not do to opt for whimsical fonts that evoke feelings of triviality and playfulness.

On the other hand, businesses, such as a baby shop or a vintage bookshop, can experiment with the aforementioned typefaces since they are projecting a feeling of fun. Therefore, when deliberating on typefaces for your font, ensure that what you choose is a direct reflection of your brand.

Find a professional who creates custom signs and ask their advice about what font you should use.