Utilitarian and Marketing Benefits of Entrance Mats with Corporate Signs

For many years, people have opted for entrance mats simply due to their functionality. Doormats are used almost everywhere to get dirt off shoes and that has been the only reason that people will purchase them for their home or office. However, as with everything that evolves, these mats have now become a useful tool to businesses. They can be customised with corporate signs of different companies; therefore, you can rest assured that you will always be able to create a design for your business. So what are the utilitarian and marketing benefits of entrance mats with corporate signs?

A logo mat reduces the amount of dirt tracked into the business premises

One of the basic reasons to invest entrance in mats with corporate signs is that you get to minimise the amount of dirt and debris that will be trawled into your building on people's shoes. This leaves the entrance to your premises clean. The mats can then be easily be laundered by enlisting carpet cleaning services.

You also facilitate in maintaining your main office carpets cleaner for longer. This reduces the frequency at which you would need commercial carpet cleaning services, hence reducing your business' cleaning costs.  These mats are made from hard wearing materials, so you can rest assured they are sturdy enough to withstand high foot traffic.

A logo mat is enhances the kerb appeal of an entrance

Logo mats are also aesthetically appealing as they can be customised to your business' theme colours. Even if you may not want a glaring logo on each mat, you can have them decorated with designs that bear your company's theme colours. This will also make them integrate well with the overall aesthetics of your business.

How would mats with corporate signs be of marketing value to a business?

  1. For one, these mats can be used as an advertising and marketing tool. They help promote the company by portraying the company's corporate signage. Thus once a visitor arrives at the entrance of your premises, they are immediately greeted by a welcome message from the company. This will make a great impression on current clients as well as potential customers.
  2. The mats give the business a professional image. Corporate signs on the mats will show that the company cares about all details surrounding the company's branding thus making it look reputable and professional. They also help in making the company's logo recognisable, as whenever your visitors see the company logo away from the premises, they will remember the company's professionalism.