Importance of brand implementation in fleet signage

Using your fleet in branding your business ought to be part of a comprehensive marketing and branding strategy, so that what appears on your fleet is an addition of all the other advertising your business does. Achieving this necessitates an understanding of effective branding bearing in mind the rules of proper advertising in respect to outdoor medium. For business owners who are considering fleet signage, here are some two helpful tips that will help you achieve maximum impact and profit returns for your fleet signage.

Tip 1: Begin with a great brand

For small-scale businesses trying to market themselves in their community, the ideal message should be centered on the brand. Unless your business boasts of a national brand recognition, consider having your brand as the central message for a fleet wrap. One of the reasons why a lot of vehicle wraps don't achieve their desired marketing targets is because the company of business lacks a great brand identity as well as a logo. Beginning with a poor brand translates into failure from the start: by spending money on fleet signage and missing a significant marketing prospect. A reputable graphic design company does not want to be liable for wasting your cash by attempting to work with a brand that does not qualify being effected on a wrap. They will enlighten you on the difficulties of your brand and stress this basic idea: the brand is the primary message.

Tip 2: No need to use photos

Very few effective fleet signage use photos, and more often than not any wrap that features a photo could have been further impactful without one. Note that the photo isn't a brand identity because it does not connect the potential client with the company name. Probably it connects customers with what the company engages in, but so does a good brand.

Consider the following example of a HVAC contractor with a photo of an air conditioning unit. Fantastic. The first impression created is that the company does air conditioning, but what exactly is the company? Viewers have only a few seconds to see the message. Additionally, consider a building contractor and the photo of a house. Potential clients may wonder whether that's a siding company, a window installer, a landscaper, a roofing company, a power washer or an electrician. In these two examples, the photos are the dominant theme. After the few seconds have elapsed, the message is lost among a host of things trying to capture the attention of the passers-by or other motorists. Probably photos may be applied on box trailers and trucks, but still a more powerful brand implementation would be more impactful. National chains get away with using photos in their fleet signage because, their brand is well known.