What to Remember When Choosing Cast Bronze Plaques

Cast bronze plaques are a great choice for any type of memorial or signage. They have a very distinctive look to them and work well in any setting, whether that's a school or at home, or even in a cemetery or public park. Choosing cast bronze plaques can be a bit more overwhelming than you realize, so note a few things to remember when making your choice and you'll find just the right type and style.


Where do you plan on displaying your cast bronze plaque? If it will be on the wall, you need to consider how it will be mounted. The plaque can often be heavier than standard artwork, so you may need to have a toggle bolt to keep it in place. You may also need to ensure it's mounted to a stud or beam behind the wall so it doesn't pull at the drywall. Using plain hooks such as for lightweight art pieces on canvas may not work for a plaque, but if there is no stud located where you want to hang it, you may need something that will hold its weight. Ensure you choose a mounting bracket or hardware on the plaque that will keep it secure no matter where you want it mounted.

2. Outdoor reading

If you want an outdoor plaque that can be read next to a cemetery or outside a public park, note if you might need to have the pole bent. If the plaque is mounted only a few feet or meters off the ground, a person might need to hunch down to read it. Having the top part bent so that the plaque is more horizontal, like a book, can be better. However, if you're going to opt for a very tall pole that is more eye level to most passersby, a straight top that keeps the plaque upright is the better option.

3. Exposure to elements

If your plaque will be outside and exposed to harsh elements, you might want to choose a thicker, deeper cast. The lettering and graphics of your plaque will get worn down slightly over the years, and while a plaque can be recast when needed, having it made with thick and deep casting when it's first created can mean having it last that much longer. It might also help it to avoid a weathered look that is typical with bronze plaques, as the elements wear away the original bronze material.