3 types of business signage no retailer should ignore

If you wish to operate a successful brick and mortar retail business that attracts clients and drives sales, it's imperative that you get noticed, and intelligent retailers understand that the key is effective signage. Here are the three most important types of business signage you should seek to include when opening your physical store.

Outdoor signage

This is arguably the most significant type of signage for brick and mortar retail stores given that it gets clients inside the store, which is the major hurdle to starting a business-customer relationship. Outdoor signage is the initial impression clients have of your retail store. These signs should do more than just declare who you are; they ought to draw in clients and make them want to shop. Types of exterior signage include entrance signs, sidewalk signs, window signs or awnings. These should be positioned where they are visible to both walk-by or drive-by customers.

Informational signage

Once the customer walks inside your store, informational signage comes in handy in terms of helping them navigate your shop more easily. You want to make it very easy for your customers to locate whatever they came in for, so that they can depend on that convenience for future shopping. Informational or directional signage is easy to follow: it directs customers where to go based on what they want to shop for. All informational signage ought to be precise and easy to read with just a split-second look. Large, bold fonts in increasingly noticeable color schemes best achieve this goal.

Persuasive signage

This type of signage sways consumer behavior by using convincing language or eye-catching imagery. It serves to advertise specific products or services by enhancing interactivity with otherwise-overlooked products. It makes the difference as to whether the customer will pick up the product or give it a cold shoulder and move on. Persuasive displays can transform an otherwise average product into a popular gem. With the increased brand awareness comes increased product sales.

When hiring a sign writing company to create any of the 3 signage types, attempt to analyse them from a different perspective. Envisage entering your retail store as a first-time customer. Consider what's clear and what's perplexing inside your retail space. Launch a consistent brand and apply it across your retail business, from exterior signage to your online site platform. By doing so, you'll be on course to leveraging signage to your business advantage and making profits while you are at it.