A Tough Decision: Choosing the Best-Sized Led Sign for Your Business

Led signs certainly draw the eye, which is why you might be considering installing one outside your business. Perhaps the most difficult choice is deciding how big this signage should be. There are a number of factors (including how much you're willing to pay) that can help you to make this decision. So what are some of the things you need to think about when determining the size of your new led signage?

The Content

How much information will actually be displayed on the led sign? Detailed information might be only be visible by those passing on foot, which can be limiting. You also need to have a sufficient sign matrix in order to display a large amount of information (but more about this shortly).

Speed Limit

How fast is traffic going to be passing by outside your business? If it's driving at rather a rapid rate, it would be unlikely that they could take away anything tangible from the sign, other than your company name, logo, and a concise classification of your business. In this instance it might be better to invest in a colour led sign that can brightly communicate these key points.


There's an exception to this general idea. Even if the cars on the street outside usually whiz by at too fast a speed to see much of your led sign, do they always travel at this speed? If there happens to be a stop sign or traffic light outside the business, you essentially have a captive audience. This means that your led sign can convey a greater depth of information, and it doesn't necessarily have to be colour. A large monochrome led sign will be less expensive than its colour counterpart.


It can be difficult to determine just how visible your led signage will be from a distance. There are ways to measure just how large the text should be from a certain distance, and the distance will vary depending on the placement of the sign. For example, you might wish to configure the sign to be visible to someone in a vehicle driving along the opposite side of the street, which will mean it's also visible to anyone closer than that. Choosing too large a sign can be a drawback, since you might spend extra money something that exceeds your desired impact. You would simply be paying too much when a smaller led sign with a matrix that suits your needs is more appropriate. But what is this sign matrix?

The Sign Matrix

The matrix is determined by the number of pixels (both horizontal and vertical) that are present in the surface area of the led portion of the signage. Too low a matrix and your message might not be legible from your preferred distance as the text will simply be unclear. Too high a matrix is a waste of money.

There are so many factors at play when determining the best size led sign for your business. It's important to choose wisely so that your message is not lost.