Business Signage: Three Essential Tips for Long-Lasting Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are perfect for increasing the awareness of the public on the location of your business and the services. If the signage is designed well and placed strategically, it can increase the total sales significantly by attracting new customers. However, if you are planning on installing signage, you should think about the downside: accelerated deterioration. Simply speaking, outdoor signs are exposed to adverse conditions such as rain and UV radiation. Therefore, they tend to become degraded fast in comparison to indoor signage. If you are concerned about this problem, you should consider the below tips for ensuring that your signage lasts a long time.

Order Outdoor-Rated Signage

You should purchase your business sign from a reputable company to ensure good workmanship. In addition, you should order a product rated for permanent outdoor use. In some cases, business owners opt for indoor signs because they are inexpensive in comparison to exterior alternatives. Unfortunately, indoor signs cannot withstand the harsh outdoor conditions such as inclement weather. Therefore, if they are placed outside, the lightweight material will experience rusting, rotting, tearing and general degradation. An outdoor-rated sign is made specifically to resist environmental adversities, including rain, sunlight and even mechanical impact.

Utilise Exterior-Grade Paint

If you are planning on purchasing signage material and painting your own sign, you should be careful when selecting your paint. You can lose a lot of money if your paint is unsuitable. For example, if the coating does not adhere to the wood or metal board, you will have to perform frequent retouching. You should look for a painting product which is compatible with your signage material. In addition, the paint should be an exterior-grade fluid because it can prevent UV degradation and delamination due to heat and moisture. Indoor paints are cheaper, but they are not designed to remain resilient in the outdoors. You will find suitable polyurethane and latex paints to match your needs.

Clean the Signage

Finally, you should make time to clean your business signage. This practice is essential for maintaining the appeal of the feature after installation. Moreover, the process will prevent the build-up of harmful residue which could cause the premature fading and peeling of the sign. You can clean most signs, including wood, metal and plastic signs, with a mild detergent dissolved in clean water and a soft sponge. After washing, you should rinse and wipe to remove residue soap and prevent water damage. You should also consult your signage supplier for maintenance guidelines for your specific installed outdoor sign.