Two reasons why shop owners might want to invest in sticker signs for their premises

A lot of shop owners prefer to hang traditional signs made from materials like metal, wood and plastic in their premises. However, if you run a shop, there are quite a few benefits to using sticker signs instead. Continue reading to learn about these benefits.

They require virtually no maintenance

Signs that are made from the above-mentioned traditional materials often require periodic maintenance. Wooden signs, for example, may need to be re-stained a few times a year, as the colour of some types of wood can fade when they are exposed to UV light.

Likewise, a metal sign that routinely exposed to humidity or other forms of moisture can develop rust, which then needs to be removed with a wire brush in order to restore the sign's appearance.

This is not the case with sticker signs. Stickers that are attached to the inside section of your shop windows or glass doors will not deteriorate for many years, and the only maintenance that they will require is some occasional dusting.

As such, if you are busy managing other parts of your retail business and would prefer not to have to set aside time to maintain your shop's signage, then it might be best to use stickers rather than traditional sign materials.

They're suitable for small spaces

If the space within your shop is limited, sticker signs would probably be a better choice than other types of signs.

The reason for this is as follows; hanging or freestanding signs take up quite a bit of room, and in a small shop, they may even partially obstruct the entryway or the aisles within the premises.

As such, if you use these bulky signs in your modestly-sized retail space, you may find that you don't have quite as much space as you would like to display the products you have for sale.

Furthermore, your customers may find the presence of these physically obtrusive signs in your small premises quite irritating, as their clothing may snag on the corners of the signs when they squeeze past them. Even more worryingly, they may even end up sustaining a scratch or bumping their head against the sign whilst trying to walk by it.

In this situation, sticker signs are ideal due to the fact that they are extremely thin and are attached to a door, wall or window. They won't use up the valuable space you need to use to showcase your wares or get in your customers' way whilst they are browsing.

Contact a local sign company to learn more about using stickers for signs in your shop.